Don't let the supermarket giants destroy Sandbach historic market town
the Old Mill Quarter Development in Sandbach
The planning application has now gone into Cheshire East County Council. We have until the 3rd October 2012 to submit our objections to the retail park to have any hope of getting it stopped. Please visit Cheshire East Planning to view the application and make any formal objections.
Also visit our online Register Your Objection page and we will collate your views into a report for submission to the council.
This website has been set up by the concerned residents of Sandbach to make ensure everyone is fully aware of the implications of such a development in our quiet market town we love. On this site you will find all of the latest information concerning the development, dates and times of public meetings as well as an opportunity to voice your concerns and join our campaign by signing our petition against the development.
These are the published planning permission submissions for Phase 1 only.  Phase 2 of the development will include the purchasing of adjacent farm land for the building of 650 new homes totally destroying the green belt strip from Sandbach to the rail trail on the A534.
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Our major concerns fall into two camps.
Residents of Sandbach
The massive increase in traffic along the already choked A534 Old Mill Road by adding a large retail park comprising of a Tesco style supermarket and petrol station, a garden center, hotel, fast food outlets and other buildings. This would make access for all using the A534 and especially those requiring access to the housing estate along Palmer Road 10 times worse than it is already as well as effecting all other local roads being used as rat runs to escape the congestion.
The effect on already struggling local businesses in Sandbach town center with the addition of 2 supermarkets and 2 garden centers facing each other over the Old Mill Road. Most of the traders are against the proposed building of this retail park so close to the town centre.
The destruction of green belt land between between Sandbach and the rail trail along the A534. Destruction of feeding grounds of the local bats and the destruction of the water voles that live on the site.
Residents of the Palmer Road Estate
The disruption in terms of construction noise and light pollution for the 2 years of more during the development would make properties for those directly adjacent to the development unbearable.
Green Belt farmland being replaced with supermarket style buildings with all their associated noise and light pollution, delivery vehicles from 5am till midnight 24/7 along with potential litter and crime related problems such developments naturally attract. A large number of properties would be within 100m or less of the retail park car parks and buildings.
Entry and exit to the Palmer Road estate being made almost impossible during peak hours due to the massive increase in traffic.
The direct impact on the residents rights to a peaceful home, free from noise and light pollution, litter and crime issues and of course the direct impact on property values forced upon us.
Potentially being forced to move from our homes due to the stress of years of fighting the eventually large corporate companies who will own the buildings.
Please sign our PETITION and help use fight this proposed development in the heart of Sandbach